Looking for a unique venue for your next event?  We gladly host small gatherings and parties on our back patio!

Due to the nature of our store and our desire to create an exceptional experience for everyone, we do not rent out tables or areas in the store for private events, and tables/shop areas are not available to reserve. 

For parties of 10 or more, we do require written approval from management prior to the event.  We request that any event or gathering that plans to take place on the property for more than 2 hours receive approval from management.  We want to best serve you and the other guests in our establishment and ask that these requests be respectfully followed.

In the effect that events on the property do not have written approval, Moniker General reserves the right to ask that event to move to another location.

 For Moniker General + Moniker Cocktail Co. events contact: events@monikergroup.com